"My true passion is helping others discover the captivating power of their voices through singing."

Here’s what I know for sure. 

If there’s a part of you that desires to sing well, and you haven’t been cultivating that side of yourself, then you are missing out on something truly special.

The more I understood my own voice and the ways I’d been holding it back, the more insight I gained about who I was at my core.

If singing is something that brings you joy and you’ve been holding yourself back because you doubt your ability, then I’d love to share my story with you. 

So, here's the truth...

Singing did NOT come naturally to me. It fact, it was a painful, frustrating struggle.

I come from three generations of professional singers and musicians and as soon as I could hold a mic, my parents brought me onto the stage to perform with them. 

And boy, did I have A LOT to live up to!

Imagine for a moment being surrounded by people who are SO GOOD at what they do, that you start to become hyper aware of all the ways you aren’t quite up to par. 

My own perfectionism and self-criticism got the better of me. I agonised over every missed note or shaky sound and constantly compared myself to other singers.

I didn't trust my voice.

I gave up on music and tried the corporate world instead.

Flash forward 6 years – I had graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree, was working full time as a marketing executive and wondering what the heck I was doing with my life!

I felt drained, uninspired and uncreative. 

Somewhere deep down, I knew I had to get back to what always lit me up — music! Just being around music again made me feel more like myself. 

I started singing again and let go of the need to be “perfect”. I didn’t even care when I missed notes anymore! I was just so glad to be filling my life with music again. 

Thanks to my mom’s coaching and guidance, I finally discovered what vocal freedom really felt like – easy, natural, resonant and unforced.


Discovering vocal alignment...

Once I felt and heard my voice fall into a state of total alignment, I instantly stopped struggling with my voice. 

I realised that all my “vocal problems” were caused by habits I had developed subconsciously that were totally counterproductive to singing. In other words, all this time, I had been getting in my own way. Once I shifted these Unhelpful Habits, my voice naturally ‘fell into place’ and felt like it was finally free.

If you feel like you can’t control your voice, or you’re straining to hit notes, struggling to catch your breath, falling out of rhythm, and just not singing notes the way you want to, it means you have Unhelpful Singing Habits that are getting in the way. 

When you are free of those habits and your voice is in alignment, difficult notes don’t seem hard anymore, you don’t feel breathless, you don’t rely on pure volume to sing with power, your tone is smooth and more resonant and, most importantly, singing is even more enjoyable than ever!

It took me over a decade of struggling with my voice to finally figure out what true vocal freedom feels like, and I would love to help YOU experience that type of freedom too!

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