Singing Lessons to Fit Your Unique Voice & Lifestyle

Every voice is different and every student learns differently.

Whether you join our Singers Connect Online Membership, or want in-person singing lessons at our VIP training studio in Hong Kong, we can customise your vocal training specifically to you because of one simple reason that sets us apart from any other vocal training programs out there. 

We teach you to identify and shift UNHELPFUL VOCAL HABITS. You see, we believe that if you have a voice, then you were born knowing how to sing. The primary reason you find singing challenging right now is because something got in the way of your natural ability to use your voice well. This “something” is what we call Unhelpful Singing Habits. Without shifting these unhelpful habits first, you will always feel vocally limited. 

To finally free your voice and discover your singing gift, join our Singers Connect Online Membership Program, or if you want in-person lessons, then book through our in-person VIP voice training studio in Hong Kong.

Choose Your Singing Path


Singers Connect is an online subscription that makes it easy and fun to cultivate your self-expression through the practice of singing with me as your vocal coach. You get access to my Vocal Alignment System™ course, my library of vocal exercises, song tutorials, weekly action steps, and so much more. 
(Not suitable for young children).


If you’re looking for more traditional private voice lessons (without the Singers Connect Membership experience) then visit our pro-level, pop vocals coaching studio, The Christine Samson Music Academy ( for details.
(Suitable for ages 8 to adults).

Not sure which path is right for you? Contact us! We'd be happy to help you!