The Healing Power of Music – Live Interview with Jocelyn 陳明憙


Have you ever been inspired, or even moved to tears by a piece of music? Or have you ever felt your energy completely shift for the better after listening to music? 

If so, then you’ve already witnessed the incredible power that music can have on people and you will certainly love the topic for this episode. 

My guest this month is Jocelyn 陳明憙. Jocelyn is a singer-songwriter, actor & certified Sound Healing practitioner specialising in Tuning Forks Therapy. She has released 3 albums/EPs and sung in over 10 television and movie projects, and is the Founder of Atlantis Sound Healing. 

In this live interview, Jocelyn is going to share her singing journey with us and we’re going to chat about the wonders of music and how it can help us process and release deep rooted emotions that we may have been repressing without realising it.

Jocelyn Chan IG: @indigoday_x 

Atlantis Sound Healing IG: @atlantis.soundhealing